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At Life Income ManagementTM we help you plan and prepare for your retirement journey!

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The simple truth is:
You worked hard for your money.

You worked hard; it’s your time now. Be good to yourself and plan for a comfortable and predictable retirement. Creating a retirement income plan that will support your lifestyle during your retirement years is a very different process than consistently accumulating assets and building a retirement nest egg during your working years.

A more efficient, more effective approach...

At Life Income ManagementTM we have been creating income for life for over three decades. We know how to work with you and for you. Equally important, we use well-respected business practices that are transparent. We are accountable and open to providing you with the education, information and understanding that you will require to make good decisions which can affect your retirement lifestyle for many years to come.

Will you outlive your hard earned money?

Careful planning is the key. We utilize a collaborative approach: we consider your lifestyle priorities, identify your cost of everyday living, review your retirement resources, and evaluate your current investments to see if they are compatible with your new ‐ retirement ready ‐ risk profile.

Let us help you plan and prepare...

Please enjoy the valuable tools, resources and information provided on this website. If you would like to know more about our services call 877-635-5843 to schedule a phone interview, to find out how we may help you move through your retirement planning process. Your personal information is fully protected under applicable federal privacy law and regulations.

Melody A. Juge Investment Advisor Representative MarketWatch/WSJ contributor
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