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At Life Income Management we provide you with a sensible approach to retirement income planning!

Will you outlive your money?

Have you accumulated enough investment money to support your lifestyle, month after month, year after year, throughout your retirement? Do you know how to structure your money so you will receive the additional income that you will require during retirement? Creating on-going retirement income is different than building an investment portfolio and accumulating assets. Appropriate planning is the key!

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What we do...

At Life Income Management we have been creating income for life for over three decades. We know how to work with you and for you. Guaranteed life income is always a priority with special attention given to the continued need to grow your investment dollars. We take care to consider potential future inflation, market volatility and personal emergency money requirements while planning for monthly on-going income year after year during retirement.

How we do it...

We use retirement sense! We dissolve your confusion and concerns with personal one on one specific information and education. We replace your fear and uncertainty with confidence and peace of mind. You will comfortably and confidently make suitable money decisions that will last your lifetime.

As you approach retirement, there are many financial and lifestyle requirements that need to be addressed. Together, we carefully explore the results you are seeking. A suitable retirement plan requires sensible investment choices often using multiple investment vehicles. We discuss and consider the possibilities and investment options available to you. We show you the pluses and the minuses of each option and you choose for yourself which choices best fits your personal requirements.

Who we do it for...

Our sensible approach to retirement planning is intended for and is particularly effective for people between the ages of 50 to 70.

Melody Juge Investment Advisor Representative MarketWatch/WSJ contributor | RetireMentor
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